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Wind vane

After our post, http://www.syanna.se/2013/07/01/fitting-wind-vane/, about the wind vane we put together for Anna, we have received a few requests for a little more info. So here’s a little video of the thing.


Basically, our misgivings about mounting the vane under the mizzen boom – supposedly made worse by relocating our two solar panels to the stern – were proven to be unfounded. However, we have so far not managed to get the vane to work with less than 2 knots boat speed, but maybe that is not to be expected. Light and fluky winds are not even easy for a human helmsman.

Apart from the obvious benefit of freeing the helmsman from the tiller, or wheel in our case, the main benefit of the wind vane is the substantial saving in power consumption when comparing with an autopilot. With the wind vane, we are self-sufficient as far as electricity goes with our two 54W solar panels – as long as it’s sunny…

Fitting wind vane

Building the Bouvaan wind vane (www.hollandwindvane.com) from the kit took about 80-100 hours. If one has access to a mechanical workshop, that is  a huge advantage, although building it in your garage is quite possible. We have fitted it without removing the swim ladder, awaiting further evaluation…

The wind vane fits just below the mizzen boom when the axle is about 150mm below the toe rail – that also is as far up as it can be mounted while still having the uppermost bolts accessible thru the lockers in the aft cabin.

DSC_0072[1] DSC_0078[1]