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Bow thruster control panel

The ‘old’ control panel of our Vetus bow thruster short circuited because of water entering the circuit board. Not good; the thruster started running suddenly and had to be switched off by means of the main circuit breaker. Thankfully, Vetus replaced it under warranty.

At the same time, we took the opportunity to go for the new a slimmer panel. The old, square and somewhat big panel had been mounted where fingers easily caught between it and the steering wheel. Also, the sheets sometimes got caught on it. So, we built a better housing for the new panel.


Old, huge-ish panel


Building housing for new panel

IMG_1209 IMG_1211

Replace heat exchanger

During the three seasons since new, the heat exchanger has developed small corrosion pits at the front cap for the tube stack. The tube stack itself and the inside of the heat exchanger were fine. To their credit, Vetus sent a complete new heat exchanger without any discussion whatsoever. It looks slightly different from the original one.
The o-rings for the end caps are 61×2.5. The end caps of the new heat exchanger are brass instead of the original plastic.

As with most new engines, it does not have any sacrificial zincs. All the manufacturers claim that the alloy shall withstand corrosion. Well, I’ve fitted zincs anyway…


Old heat exchanger


New heat exchanger


New. Aft end cap.


New. Fwd end cap.

Old. Corrosion of housing at o-ring.

Old. Corrosion of housing at o-ring.

Test of new engine

To our great relief, the engine started on the first try and ran perfectly. We did a one-hour test-run (keeping below 2000 rp, in compliance with the manual’s instructions for breaking in) and were very pleased with the very low noise and vibration level.

The speed achieved with the Vetus M4.17 in the HR41 (42 bhp, 12 tons) was almost identical to the speed achieved with the Volvo D2-40 in the HR35 Rasmus (38 bhp, 7 tons). 5 knots at 1500 rpm, 5.5 knots at 1700 rpm and 6.3 knots at 2000 rpm.

Engine room, complete

The engine replacement is now complete. In total it cost double the purchase price of the new engine, which included not only the new engine and transmission but also the work and material of the following;

  • installed new sound proofing of engine room
  • replaced all hoses
  • replaced entire exhaust system
  • replaced prop shaft, cutlass bearing and propeller
  • installed Bullflex between transmission and prop shaft
  • installed instrument panel with analogue gauges
  • installed engine control (single handle Teleflex)
  • replaced electrical diaphragm bilge pump
  • replaced water pressure pump
  • installed extra fuel filter (Racor)
  • installed sea water strainer
  • cleaned and painted engine room

new engine sThe new Vetus M4.17 is considerably smaller than the old Volvo MD21, making all service points much easier to reach.








Many thanks to Jonas at www.joinme.se for the excellent job; done at the agreed price and finished on time!

Bow prop installation

The previous owner of our boat is running a business (www.joinme.se) in Southern Sweden focusing on indoor winter storage of pleasure boats as well as technically advanced maintenance jobs, such as installation of new engines, electronics etc. Just before we bought his Hallberg-Rassy 41, he had fitted a brand new bow prop (or is it called a bow thruster?), a 8hp Vetus BOW95, including some immense cables running from the battery bank.


Measuring all the time, with a laser…


… and cutting once.