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Summer 2010: 3,000 nm

On May 15, 2010, we left Höganäs, heading for Narvik in northern Norway, where we arrived on June 5 in miserable weather condiitions (hail, +2 degrees C). Fantastic scenery and unbelievably cold. Back in Höganäs on August 4, having logged ca 3000 nm.

We were very impressed with the boat. It is considerably more comfortable than the HR35Rasmus, mainly due to the walk-thru and the headroom. Also, the movement of the boat when the waves get to bigger than 2-3m is, if not comfortable, at least more ‘flowing’ than a smaller or lighter boat.

We had difficulties with;

  • The furling light wind genoa (supposed to be used up to max 6-7 m/s). The furling system carries the load of the forestay through the bearing (on a modern system, the furling profile turns around the forestay and only the load of the halyard is carried through the bearing). When strong winds suddenly came upon us we had great difficulties in furling the genoa and we now plans to replace the system with a new Furlex.IMGP8900 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • The propeller shaft vibrated loose from the Bullflex. The skeg prevented the axle from exiting the hull.
  • The overall length with bowsprit and dinghy in davits is 51 ft. Needless to say, this can be a bit of a handful in smaller harbours.

The HR41 sails so much better than the Rasmus, especially to windward (even though our HR41 has batten-less main and mizzen furling sails, while those on the Rasmus were full-batten with significant roach). Some fo the speed increase is of course due to the longer waterline. Thankfully, the HR41 also maneuvers more easily than the Rasmus, probably due to the keel /rudder setup; the HR41 has a rudder on skeg whereas the Rasmus has a continuous keel.

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