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Renovating drawers

During the summer of 2012, when sailing from Gdansk to Riga, we were sailing in some heavy weather one night (15-17 m/s average wind, gusting about 22). To make it short, several of the drawers jumped out  and were damaged. It’s not an uncommon problem in HRs from the 70s due to the drawers being kept in place with a notch in each sidepanel – which becomes rounded over the years. It took me more than a year to get around to fixing them but now they are finally coming together again.


DSC_0441[1]   DSC_0442[1]

The top drawer could be mended, but two had to have part of the front replaced. But in the end, we’re quite happy with the result.

Renovate floorboards

All floorboards are made of teak plywood. The veneer is about 2+ mm thick, giving sufficient thickness for sanding a couple of times. Originally, the floorboards are just lightly oiled or waxed and attract quite a lot of dirt as well as being quite sensitive to stains from oil etc. Over the years, they had become quite scratched and did drag down the general feel of the interior.
Usually, I only use traditional varnish (Le Tonkinois and International Schooner and Original), but for the floorboards I used International’s 2-component polyurethane varnish Perfection Plus with anti-slip pearls.