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Our new boat

In the summer of 2009, we sailed about 1300 nm with our Hallberg-Rassy 35 Rasmus during five weeks (Höganäs-Ã…bo and back). We were very happy with the Rasmus – except that we did not have any mosquito screens, which proved to be a major shortcoming in the Ã…land archipelago – and had absolutely no plans to change to another boat. Then one day we happened to come across a Hallberg-Rassy 41, located not far form where we live. The HR41 is the big sister of HR35 Rasmus, designed by the same person, Olle Enderlein. He also designed the HR31 Monsun and the HR352.

In our view, there are two main differences between the HR41 and the Rasmus; space and walk-thru. The aft cabin of the Rasmus does not have standing head-room and is only accessible by a separate hatch from the cockpit. On the downside, the HR41 means more work and more expense.

Bild 610

Great difficulties getting aboard :)


Main differences compared to our Hallberg-Rassy Rasmus 35; space and great walk.thru


We also made a small video from our first viewing of our new boat: