Engine experience

After doing 3000 nm during 3 months, whereof about half under engine, our experience shows;

  • motoring consumes, on average, 0.4 liter per nm (equal to 2.6 liter per hour)
  • motoring against a headwind of 8-10 m/s and 1.5m waves at 2200 rpm gives a speed of about 5 knots
  • motoring against a headwind of 14-16 m/s and 2-2.5 m waves at about 2500 rpm gives a speed of 3.5-4 knots

Taking into view actual motoring performance as stated above, we are happy with the engine fitted. If one also considers fuel consumption, easy access to service points, lower weight and also lesser drag when sailing compared to the bigger propeller a larger engine would require, we consider ourselves lucky that we did not fit a bigger engine. Obviously, this is also what the Hallberg-Rassy people figured out, since the original engine produced 45 bhp.